JohnMarc Skoch

JohnMarc is a third year missionary from Hastings, NE. JohnMarc attended the University of Kansas and received a degree in Applied Behavioral Science. He became good friends with the FOCUS team at KU when they arrived in 2010 and came to know and love evangelizing through them. He is the 3rd of 7 kids in his family. He loves most types of music, playing guitar, and playing sports.

Ashley Montag

Ashley is a second year FOCUS missionary from Arizona. She attended Arizona State and received a degree in special education. While at Arizona State friends at the Newman Center showed her the joy and life found through fully living her Catholic faith. She has a younger brother and sister and enjoys folk music, coffee, reading, rainstorms, and crafts. She has lived in Georgia, California, Arizona, and now Nebraska. She is looking forward to sharing her love for Christ and His Church on campus!
Logan Burda

This is Logan's sixth year as a missionary at UNL. Logan graduated from UNL in 2009 with a degree in Secondary Education and an endorsement in English. He followed that up by marrying his beautiful bride, Lynn. They have two boys, Augustine (4) and Lewis (2). Logan enjoys reading, writing, teaching, and public speaking. He has his Masters in Theology from the Augustine Institute.

Jackie Fischer

Jackie is a first year FOCUS missionary from Phoenix Arizona. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in civil engineering and is the oldest of five children. Jackie loves outdoor activities and looks for any opportunity to go hiking. She loves arts and crafts in her free time. The most important thing you need to know about Jackie is that she loves cooking and eating Mexican food!

Adam Worm

Adam is a first year FOCUS missionary and grew up in a small farm town in Minnesota called Cologne. Adam enjoys almost all sports, remaining active, and spending time with his new team! Some random facts about Adam are that he is a terrible cook, can touch his tongue to his nose, and loves Disney movies.

Megan Parker

Carter Hawkins

Carter is a first year FOCUS missionary from Gretna, Nebraska. Carter attended Auburn University and graduated with degrees in both finance and Spanish. Carter loves being outdoors and especially being on the water. He loves to sail, golf, play sports, and travel. Carter can speak a little Spanish and even less German.

Kendra Wurdeman

Kendra is a first year FOCUS missionary from St. Edward, Nebraska. She attended the University of Nebraska Kearney and received a degree in social work. She is the oldest of three children and is extremely close with her immediate and extended family. She enjoys being outdoors either camping or just doing things on the farm. She is always up for a random dance party and its common to find her with her nose in a book.Jeff Slattery

Jeff Slattery

Jeff is a first year FOCUS missionary/intern and one of seven kids and has a twin brother. Jeff graduates in December with a degree in mechanical engineering and will then be sent to a new campus for FOCUS. Jeff enjoys the outdoors but most especially fishing, golfing, and playing tennis.Seth Wiedel

Jen Risper

Jennifer is a second year missionary from Moreno Valley California. She attended Vanderbilt University and received a degree in Human and Organizational Development. Jennifer was baptized Catholic and had her First Holy Communion at the age of seven. Her family started attending a non-denominational church and this was where Jennifer learned how to have a relationship with Christ. High school and college sports were a big part of Jennifer's life. God used the sport of basketball to teach her virtues and how to live her Christian faith.

Seth Wiedel

Seth is a first year FOCUS missionary and graduated with a degree in accounting. Seth attended the UNL and was former track and field athlete here. Seth grew up in Hebron, Nebraska which is home of the world’s largest porch swing! Seth has a deep love for coffee and classical music.

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