Monday, February 4, 2013

The Interior Life by Stephanie Pott

Stephanie Pott is a first year UNL Missionary. She graduated from Colorado State in May 2012. Stephanie's post is the first in our series written by the UNL Missionaries to keep our students informed on what is going on in our lives!

So what is the life of a missionary? We are supposed to have all knowledge and understanding of God and a perfect prayer life, right? If that’s what you are thinking, then you would be right; you can just call me the next Mother Theresa, how about St Spott? Sounds good? No I didn’t think so. 

The truth is we are still a bunch of sinners. We even have feelings. That’s right we fall into desolation and consolation just like anyone else. So what makes a FOCUS missionary so special? Well honestly nothing, that doesn’t make anyone else striving for holiness special. Every day I try to grow closer to God and I know every day there are ways I let Him down. I’m not perfect but it is about the journey. Its about striving for holiness. It is about perseverance. God called me out of Colorado because he wanted to work on me. He said “Stephanie, I am calling you to greatness, I want you to bring my children back home”. The first step he showed me was in order to bring his children to him I would have to become a child as well. I would have to completely depend on him for everything. I would have to die with him so that I may rise with him. 

Anyone can be a FOCUS missionary. 

Everyone is called in some way to serve God on a deeper level, to have a deep-soul relationship with him. I answered his call through FOCUS. How will you answer yours?

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