Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Notes from Logan

Hey! I’m Logan and I’m one of the married missionaries. My wife Lynn and I have two kids—Augustine Michael (2 yrs old) and Lewis Walter (4 months). I teach the Catholic Literature Class on Wednesday evenings. My time not devoted to prayer, family, or books is spent with my disciples. This year for me has been spent on one particular issue. Every disciple I’ve worked with always asks me the same thing: what am I supposed to do with my guys in discipleship? This last summer I developed a discipleship curriculum, taking best practices from various campuses and combining them with pet theories and personal experience and lots of books. There are lots of things to tweak and change, but I have noticed a huge difference in fruitful discipleships compared to my past 4 years. I encourage all of you student-missionaries to gather best practices among yourselves and not settle for lukewarm discipleship with Jesus! Happy Lent. Logan. Burda.

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