Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why go to SLS? #9 Group Project...Take Over Campus

Why go to SLS?

#9 Group Project...Take Over Campus

We all know that group projects in college are the worst; someone is always the slacker, someone never even shows up, and you end up doing all the work.

But this group project (take over campus with the love of Jesus Christ) is way better.

At SLS you will be able to meet, commiserate, plan, strategize, and swap stories with student leaders from all over the country. Not to mention spend quality time with those students you are already on campus with; your brothers and sisters on the battlefield!

Perfect meme is perfect

What: Student Leadership Summit
When: January 2-8
Why: I already told you!
How much: $399, $100 for bus (scholarships available)
Who: You and brave steed (aka a bus)
How: Sign up here with registration code (WestReg14)
Questions: Megan Parker (

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